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The seahorse necklace is a magical story book piece that conjures up images of glittery underwater palaces and shimmering mermaids. Inspired by the graceful and abundant deep sea, it’s textured finish beautifully catches the light.

The sea horse is cast from an original design made by us.

Please choose from silver or gold plated.

The Seahorse measurements approximately 25mm H x 9mm W.

All of our pieces are made from recycled and ethically sourced silver, 9ct and 18ct S.M.O ( single mine origin ) solid gold.

We make all of our ( short ) chains at a standard 45cm, if you’d like it a different length do get in touch, we can make adjustments to your requirement.

Please note, each of our pieces are carefully hand crafted, therefore this means every one is a bit different, and you may find your’s may vary slightly to the product picture on our website. This does mean your piece is unique and no-one else will have the exact same as you!

If your item is in stock, please allow 2-3 working days for dispatch and delivery from the date that you place your order.  View our detailed delivery information.


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